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Building Loyalty and Trust

Landmark is proud to meet the high standards demanded by property managers, business and property owners of today. We know that our performance is a reflection of our customers and their businesses. Our reputation as a professional commercial cleaning company is built on proven track record of timely performance, quality cleaning workmanship, and competitive pricing. Already leading companies and clients have experienced the benefits of Landmark’s janitorial services. We have dedicated and experienced support staff available around the clock to handle any cleaning challenge. Landmark’s diverse background management allows it to offer to our clients experience in all aspects of janitorial cleaning. Our management is focused on eco-friendly products and sustainable service practices.

Who we are

  Founded in 2000 as Megamen Janitorial and Powerwashing Company.

  In 2003 formed as Landmark Building Maintenance Corporation.

  Administration staff have over 25 years of janitorial and management experience.

  24/7 telephone line available for assistance to the Operational team and our clients.

  Have a record of achievement with large & complex operations in the private and government sectors.

  Support staff holds a valid Designated Organization Screening issued by Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC).

  The management, cleaning staff and Landmark as an organization holds a valid Green Certification.

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